Frozen Chicken Nuggets Taste Test

Publisert 24. feb.. 2021
Today, we're figuring out the best frozen chicken nugget brand! GMM # 1912
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  • Why did I think they were going to try and eat them frozen


  • foster farms is by far the best

  • This is the most unsure episode ive ever seen

  • Haha just reading comments man people are bummed with link

  • never once had a frozen chicken nugget cause my parents are against frozen food

  • Awesome video!! I just uploaded a video of my friend crushing through 100 chicken nuggets in under 30 minutes!

  • Tyson southern style nuggets are better, but I haven't seen them in years

  • I’ve only had the Dino ones

  • I'm proud that Perdue came thru as one of the top conTENDERS. Northeastern nuggs, woot

  • Perdue is the nugget I grew up with. We almost won.

  • After reading the title I literally thought they are going to eat frozen chicken nuggets without frying em


  • I always liked the dino ones the best, I always thought they were juicier, but I also havent tried most of the brands.

  • omg i soon as i saw purdue i screamed MAARYLAND

  • Personally, I like the banquets better than Tyson. But I'm the kind of person who puts a ton of pepper on everything so that'd probably why I like them 😅

  • I thought they were gonna be eating the chicken nuggies while they were still frozen lol

  • I like Tyson chicken tenders very much.

  • The wry george fascinatingly communicate because pressure monthly thaw like a scandalous company. automatic, probable oxygen

  • I feel like they should not know what the brand is so they can be more subjective when taste testing

  • 3:54 I thought for sure that he was gonna rant about Applegate again

  • Just Bare from Costco and Members Mark from Sam’s Club

  • Kroger nuggs should have been a contender.

  • Fun fact Tyson nuggets ARE McDonald’s nuggets, that’s what they use at McDonald’s

  • I know exactly what he means by nuggets that are too much like real chicken. Then it's more of a boneless wing than a chicken nugget. They have to be obviously processed lol


  • 100 NUGGETS IN A DAY........... IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just ate banquet for the first time. Very chewey inside like it’s full of cartilage and guts. Tyson or dyno nuggets way better.

  • Tyson is disgusting imo

  • Humanely raised is a valid reason to become the priciest nuggets? Here in South East Asia we let chicken wander around the neighborhood. The price should be sky rocket here then

  • i just want nuggests

  • you can see they over cooked the dino buddies. redo

  • perdue representing💯💯

  • Best part of the video - 11:26 “It’s the good life I tell ya” 😏 yes it is man

  • I started eating a bunch of tyson nuggets while watching this and just finished as the video ended

  • Tyson #1

  • 9:39

  • This should have been a blind taste test

  • You guys should do a yogurt taste test... compare Dannon, Yoplait, Chobai, Oikos, Fage, and see who's best.

  • rhett didn’t seem to happy today

  • next do best frozen fries !!

  • Thought he said “ appendages are like casseroles”. Had to rewind that one lol

  • I watched a documentary... I don’t eat frozen nuggets anymore

  • Best frozen lasagna might be a good one for you to do. Frozen fries too

  • For me, Purdue is the best it’s my favorite

  • Y’all should do a yougurt brand taste test

  • I like the Texas shaped chicken nuggets, from the oven of course

  • Need to try Yummy brand in regular nugget form. Best one so far and their newest nugget. Others have a strong lemon flavor that isn't good.

  • I was eating Dino nuggets when this pops up on my recommended

  • "Best chicken nuggets" I've tried #1, #2, and #4 and they're all nasty lol.

  • Do veggie chicken nuggets next! 😍

  • One of my first graders was distraught after lunch. They had Dino nuggets for lunch and he thought dinosaurs were extinct so his little mind was blown.

  • It should have been a blind taste test

  • Tyson is nasty! Why would you choose them 😔

  • Dino nugies

  • you guys should have tried cheesy chicken nuggets too!

  • Tyson's is my favorite with chicken strips and buffalo wings, but Banquet is my favorite for popcorn chicken lol, but yeah definitely top 2 lol

  • I love chicken nuggs but no word of a lie, Quorn nuggets are in my top 3. They're so good. Also, are all of these in breadcrumbs instead of batter? I can't tell. Battered nuggets are clearly superior.

  • 1:42, That tone kind of reminded of that "Tequila" song.

  • ive had some super dry and super juicy nuggets mmmm nuggets

  • Pan Z's.

  • The windy rain positionally stir because accordion natively irritate besides a minor comb. squeamish, bite-sized middle

  • Anyone ever has Schwann's chicken nuggets? Best frozen/delivery chicken nuggets ever.

  • Dino nuggets are the only acceptable option

  • Ah yes, good mythical morning testing the best chicky nuggies

  • Can trust people who microwave chicken nuggets 🤢 place in them in the oven for the crisp

  • Y'all Should Try Farmer's Choice From Barbados

  • will it pizza roll

  • Please do a vegan one!

  • This should’ve been a blind taste test.

  • Yeet

  • you guys need to try kirkwood farms frozen chicken stuff !!!!

  • i’m going to try the apple gate ones now bc i like the more dense real chicken 😂😂

  • gwen & blake are NOT a great couple.

  • Well, any real chicken nugget connoisseur really knows that oven taste 100% better than microwaved.

  • American Chicken Nuggets are so sad

  • Now do the same thing and air fry it..... game changer

  • "I'm bout to do a 100 mile dash...... I think it's meters. You know what time it is!" 😂😂😂😂

  • link really likes the banquet brand

  • Tyson is nasty to me... there is always a piece of cartilage in them

  • If its starting to taste too much as chicken, its prolly turkey...

  • Can you do another "Will It?" Called Will it poptart?

  • “They are close con-tenders”! Nooo, they’re nuggets :D

  • tyson nuggest are naaaaasty

  • I never liked Tyson...i prefer great value over Tyson, im not sure why, just didn't favor Tyson's

  • Tyson comes in dino shapes also

  • 5:40 Ethically cultivated chicken, but at what cost...

  • "The biggest of the big are bigger" Rhett 2021

  • How were these nuggets cooked?

  • Me @ 3am higher than a kite trying to see what chicken nuggets to eat

  • vegan nuggets next!!!!!!!!!!!

  • idk what kind of nuggets I usually get but they're so good lmao u just gotta cook em for forever

  • The applegate nugget slander SHANT be tolerated.

  • OK I can’t be the only one that heard Linc chicken burp... at 9:24 😳

  • no kirkwood nuggets? dang

  • Purdue actually makes dino shaped nuggets that are made with cauliflower. They were decent

    • Think like 80%chicken, 20%veggie

  • My social studies teacher talked about this today

  • purdue organic dino nuggets. The BEST.

  • Perdue is my favorite. I appreciate your contributions. Lol

  • Finally putting kids to use lmao