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Welcome to Good Mythical Morning with Rhett \u0026 Link! Tune in every Monday-Friday to watch us eat truly unbelievable things, explore surprising new products and trends, compete in original games with celebrity guests, implement serious experiments in hilarious ways, and more.

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15:15Will It Egg McMuffin? Taste Test
Will It Egg McMuffin? Taste TestGanger 1,1 millDag siden
17:09Worst Easter Candy Taste Test
Worst Easter Candy Taste TestGanger 1,8 mill15 dager siden
14:44Frozen vs. Fast vs. Fancy Food Taste Test (Sushi)
17:53What Costs $850,000 On Amazon? (Mini Golf Game)
15:16Alternate Universe Snacks Taste Test
Alternate Universe Snacks Taste TestGanger 1,2 mill22 dager siden
16:17Do These Foods Taste Different In Other Countries?
15:11Power Shredding Things In Reverse (Game)
Power Shredding Things In Reverse (Game)Ganger 1,2 mill22 dager siden
16:01Worst Food Crimes Taste Test
Worst Food Crimes Taste TestGanger 1,6 mill29 dager siden
20:01Reacting To Our First TV Show
Reacting To Our First TV ShowGanger 1,4 mill29 dager siden
15:52When Were These Cookies Invented? (Game)
When Were These Cookies Invented? (Game)Ganger 1,2 mill29 dager siden
15:10Top Optical Illusions You Can Try At Home
17:31Playing Weird TikTok Games
Playing Weird TikTok GamesGanger 1,4 millMåned siden
13:45Does This Vegan Meat Taste Like The Real Thing?
17:23International Fried Foods Taste Test
International Fried Foods Taste TestGanger 2,7 millMåned siden
14:26Carbonated Food Taste Test
Carbonated Food Taste TestGanger 1,5 millMåned siden
14:46Who Can Make The Loudest Noise? (Challenge)
14:02Putting Weird Things In A Pitching Machine
15:53Will It Deep Dish Pizza? Taste Test
Will It Deep Dish Pizza? Taste TestGanger 2,1 millMåned siden
14:56Soda Tap vs Bottle vs Can Taste Test
Soda Tap vs Bottle vs Can Taste TestGanger 2,2 millMåned siden
14:56What Tiny Food Is This?
What Tiny Food Is This?Ganger 1,5 millMåned siden
15:01Try Not To Break It Challenge
Try Not To Break It ChallengeGanger 1,3 millMåned siden
13:40Alternate Universe Snack Taste Test
Alternate Universe Snack Taste TestGanger 1,3 millMåned siden
14:27Which Cereal Tastes Most Like The Real Food?
15:19We Try Clay Cracking
We Try Clay CrackingGanger 1,1 millMåned siden


  • Stevie has been pretty quiet the last couple episodes

  • you guys should do "my hair song" but the right way now

  • I don’t miss the old Will-it’s with Chase lol. I love the creativity of these new creations, and the brains behind them. If y’all want them to eat nasty stuff, Josh and the rest can make it happen easily. If it’s too fancy, well, why does that matter? Lol

  • what's with Link's hair

  • Pregnant women don’t sit down like that. It’s straight arm on chair, as well as a straight back. Only questionable one.

  • I can only tickle myself on my belly and my feet. I AM EXTREMELY TICKLISH FROM OTHER PEOPLE

  • I can’t believe Rhett missed an opportunity to call link garlic fingers again

  • Will it Breadstick!?

  • Missed a huge opportunity to do a spicy war heads with reaper dust.

  • just to be clear i have not once.. but twice accidentally put a cup o noodle in a microwave WITHOUT water and it caught on fire within like seconds........

  • It’s ok I don’t like siracha either Link. 🤫

  • I can’t be the only one who misses Rhett with short hair

  • He’s 43?!?!?!?!?

  • Have u guys ever did a fan recipe episode

  • Why is Link still surprised when Rhett goes in for a food before him?

  • Still got my throat danglies

  • Could you guys do the mystery food roulette again? Those are so funny.

  • Once again, no Josh = crummy product.

  • Close your eyes and just listen.... 10:40

  • They really be the gender bent Rhett and Link

  • The quality and effort put into the food when Nicole is there compared to josh is painfully obvious. Nicole’s philosophy seems to be whatever’s easiest.

  • You should do one where it’s the same as this except the one who looses each round gets a negative point. That seems very gmm

  • 12:42

  • Link is too honest 😂

  • The reese's fast break

  • Rhett's hobby should be relaxing. HIs self has much worth.

  • This made me want more fanfiction lol

  • Shoutout to whoever makes the subtitles, you need more love

  • Link NAILED that beastie boys impression

  • Isn’t a spicy lemon just a Takìs

  • Pyrex breaks at 425°

  • Jeffery Dallas- waffles 🧇

  • Whoppers never look good but man are they delicious.

  • Carrots are better than the celery.

  • My Bestest Friend in the whole entire world loves GMM so I'm watching all of y'all's content from start to finish so I can plan her the perfect GMM themed birthday for 2022!

  • Loved this. You definitely need to do more of these. Maybe you could do one of these during any month that has a friday the 13th. Then we would get to see these from time to time. Please do more nasty food jenga!!!!

  • The words "crushed warheads" just sent shivers down my spine.

  • Chocolate dipped key lime pie is a thing in Key West...sorry Nicole

  • For the record, Rhett's hair looks AMAZING now... but I forgot this middle period where he had a weird Kramer thing going on.

  • yall really need haircuts please

  • When I was younger I had it sooo bad with tastes and words, bleck. The word ‘nimh’ still makes me taste peanut butter cliff bars🤮

  • Love ya Link. But that hair, tho.

  • 10:09 wait what😂

  • love you guys. you make life so much better for me. that's all <3

  • If you truly want the best jerky it is Sturgis Jerky from Sturgis S.Dak.

  • i’m surprised they knew of Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?

  • Will it toothpaste?

  • I'm pretty sure the guy who asked for an olive with the pit still in it was trying to get buried with the hopes that the olive tree would grow over his tomb and represent peace

  • At 12:57 I thought Gavin was apologising to Rhett because you can’t see his teeth 😂

  • Aahhhhh yes the old intro

  • I bet the minimum requirements of that microwave job is a PhD

  • We used to say "What you do for a Klondike bar?" and then jokingly say "nothing, I'm allergic," despite not actually being allergic.

  • Was Rhett sayin queen sweep?

  • Link looks a lot like my grandma and Rhett looks like my grandaddy I’m being truthful

  • Red Baron my favorite

  • the sour chicken at the end looked like it had mold.

  • Watching in April of 2021 and wow... Rhett’s face is so small and link has ears!😦


  • Wendys hands down, they've turned salad making into a craft

  • and not funny

  • Key Lime Chocolate Factory in Key Largo-Sorry guys my home town beat you to it!

  • will it klondike bar?? has to be next

  • Will it cookie???

  • The show was one day at at time

  • just for the fun fact of it. For pyrex to crack it has to be heated to 425 degrees fahrenheit

  • i unfollowed you both because of your pronouns

  • Sour and savory

  • link what happened to your hair

  • 8:05 Josh instantly realizing that he will get nothing but strange looks if he uses the term "forcemeat" lol

  • I remember the intro from 2 intro designs before the original

  • Just a recommendation. Make an nft

  • Where the Oreo pop tarts at 🥲 I watched this whole video for that

  • not rhett wearing the crewneck i just ordered and got in the mail 😳

  • ✨ p i c k l e i n t h e m i d d l e o f B u r g e r t h a t ' s c o v e r e d i n c h o v o l a t e ✨

  • being from canada and eating `mac and chesse ` everyday is soo good but we call it kraft dinner

  • I hope Josh makes one of these for Mythical Kitchen

  • Link's hair has a mind of it's own!